What is Reiki Healing?

What is Reiki healing ? Reiki is weird. There’s no getting past it, it’s weird. Someone puts their hands on you while you are fully dressed, you find yourself relaxing ... and before you know it, you've been in a meditative state for an hour and now the practitioner is handing you water with the suggestion you sit up and drink it.

The main objection to Reiki healing from all corners of the medical world is just that – it’s weird. It can’t be measured, no one knows how it works (even though many say they do!) and its practitioners range in approach from suits to serious flakiness. And they argue greatly about what it is, both in public and in private.

However, Reiki healing has become a worldwide movement of people from different races, religions, nationalities, classes and backgrounds who all share the same thing: they’ve experienced it work. They don’t know how it works, just that it does.

What is Reiki Healing

As a practitioner of Reiki for over two decades, I say that Reiki is a blessing – a blessing system.

The research, such as it is, indicates that Reiki treatments support the system in recovery from heart attacks and surgery; it’s relaxing, stress relieving, anxiety reducing and it assists in coping with cancer and its treatment. It enhances quality of life.

All of that is great, but doesn’t answer the question: what is Reiki healing

A quick Google of “what is Reiki healing” brings up a great many articles about Universal Life Energy, ki, qui, chi, prana and various other names for something that can’t be measured, seen, touched or otherwise objectified. In truth, the many articles about Reiki tend to be more revealing about those who wrote them than about Reiki itself.

So What Can Be Measured and Observed About Reiki Healing

There are things about Reiki that can be objectified: initiation, practice, symbols, precepts and community. Reiki is learned through a series of classes which include initiations into each “level” of Reiki; they practice Reiki on themselves and on others, often daily; they use symbols to help them in their practice; they follow – or at least try to follow – the five precepts (“For today only let go of anger and worry, be kind, work hard, show gratitude”); Reiki practitioners tend to get together to share Reiki and talk about it – they form communities.

The Quantum Nature of Reiki Healing

As mentioned above, research shows that Reiki works, but in a way that can only be measured in its effects - just like quantum leaps!

Research has never indicated that Reiki brings harm of any kind. The worst that can happen is nothing. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the person on the receiving end of Reiki is always helped in some way, although not necessarily in the way they might have envisaged.

[thrive_text_block color="dark" headline="Takeaway"]Reiki is an observable system that is only measurable in its beneficial effects. Neither the system nor the method makes much sense to the uninitiated.[/thrive_text_block]

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