What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

what is feng shui imageEnvironmental issues, education, economy, health and personal wealth – these are the some of the global and individual issues that concentrate the mind in the modern world. The modern world is not so different from the ancient world in those ways. As in ancient times, people right now want to live in a way that protects and promotes their family, health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment.

What does an ancient Chinese art have to do with modern living?

Comparatively recently, science has discovered that the planet is not just dirt and magma. It generates electromagnetic fields, which you can see for yourself when you experiment with iron filings and a magnet. When subjected to a magnetic field, iron filings arrange themselves in a particular pattern which is also discernable in the larger environment of the planet, extending far beyond the planet’s atmosphere, affecting satellites in orbit, meteorites and even the moon. Gravitational fields keep the moon in orbit around the planet and affect the tides. The cycles of the sun affect us here through interference with technology, weather and the planet’s background radiation.

In ancient times, the Chinese noted that people’s experience of life changed over time and that these changes had very little to do with what they were doing – in ancient times, life didn’t change much. By observation and experimentation over generations, they deduced that the explanation lay in unseen forces moving in cycles. Through these observations and experiments they also discovered that these cycles were predictable and could be manipulated.

“Unseen forces” could be interpreted as all very “woo woo” and weird, but the truth is that magnetism is an unseen force, as is radiation, gravity and various other of the now measurable electromagnetic fields existing in dynamic balance on our planet and beyond.

Without the advantages of modern science, the ancient Chinese constructed a tool to help them measure, interpret and manipulate the environment of any given space. It was the Chinese who invented the compass – originally a magnetite pin floating on a pool of water. This original compass developed over time into a large, multi ringed object, with each ring carrying information vital to the interpretation, manipulation and harmonisation of the environment.

Feng Shui practitioners also use their eyes and their common sense as well as a compass: the flow of water or traffic, the terrain and the neighbouring constructions all play a part in harmonising a given space to support the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Constructing a house on a flood plain, for example, is not considered good Feng Shui, no matter how long ago the last flood occurred.

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