Tapping for Japan

This is a very quick EFT tapping audio to help you cope with the situation in Fukushima Neuclear Plant in Japan.

What we give attention to increases - right now what we are giving our attention to is worst possible outcomes in the Fukushima Neuclear Plant in Northern Japan.  Time to change the channel which you can do by tapping along with this audio.

If you don't know how to tap, please watch the video on the top right and then tap along with the audio.

Click on the link below to reveal the mp3 player, then wait for a moment or two for it to load.

EFT Tapping for Japan - Fukushima Neuclear Plant

You can right-click and save on your own computer if you wish. Tweet, Facebook or email the link to this page to your friends so they can join in too.

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