Be the Energy You Want to Attract


Be the Energy You W​ant to Attract ​Be the energy you want to attract.  Simple, huh?  Just get into the vibe of being rich – and then you’ll be rich, right?Until the credit card bill comes in … and then you’re brought down to earth with a bump.And the extra emergency expenses.​The vibe you’re giving … Read more

Dyslexia Symptoms: EFT for Developmental Dyslexia: Part 2 : EFT Tapping Script

Dyslexia Symptoms: Sequencing Last month we looked at what developmental Dyslexia actually is – a physical developmental issue with observable differences in the brain.  This month, we’re going to look at one of the dyslexia symptoms that come up commonly: sequencing.  Whether you’re dyslexic or not, you probably know that dyslexics have problems with sets of … Read more

Finding the Authentic Self with EFT

How do we go about finding the authentic self under the layers of social roles, expectations and busy-ness we experience every day? According to the philosopher Nikolas Rose, far from springing from an eternal, inner spirit or soul, the self is simply an unfoldment in the face of authority and the exercise of power – … Read more