Reiki and Redundancy: How Reiki and Work are All About Wellbeing

Reiki and Work

When people think about Reiki, they generally connect it with physical healing. However, Reiki is not just for illness, it can also promote wellbeing on other levels: Reiki and work can also factor into total wellbeing.

When your company has “rationalised” the workforce, “cut back” or simply gone out of business and you find yourself suddenly without a job, there are – apart from the sudden drop in income – a variety of issues to deal with, including : shock; depression; resentment against your employer; worry about how you’re going to cope financially; fear that you never will find another job; and the need to make the connections necessary to find a new position.

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Often, when it is your desk the pink slip arrives on it can be a shock. The system reacts to shock in different ways, including a reaction in the limbic system buried deep in the oldest part of the brain. This can result in denial – there are many people who, having lost their jobs, don’t tell their families at first, but continue to leave the house at their regular time, staying out all day until their usual home time. Alternatively, shock can manifest as a kind of paralysis – the system goes into the “freeze” state of the flight/fight/freeze response.

It’s natural to feel upset and a little low when your job no longer exists. This may last for a few weeks, but if this continues, it’s important to visit a doctor for advice and referral to someone who can help support you through the transition.

It is natural to feel resentful and even anger when your employer lets you go. You’ve given them a great deal of your time and effort. Unfortunately, anger, unless channelled into positive motivation, does not help to find another job.

All these emotions get in the way of focusing on doing what is necessary to find another suitable position – we call this emotional baggage: baggage that keeps you looking backwards instead of forwards.

Traditional Reiki practitioners are trained at Level 2 to provide an emotional healing treatment as well as a physical one, which can promote the release of stress, negative emotions and help clarity and focus. This kind of Reiki treatment can help shorten the time between mourning the loss of the old job and opening up for a new one. Yes, Reiki and work life can go together!

As we put down the baggage from an old situation, we are naturally more open to noticing more positive opportunities opening up, we’re more attractive to new acquaintances who may be able to help and our minds are clearer and more creative in coming up with ideas to help us change our situation in new, more positive ways.

We can also have a bit of fun with Reiki - you can Reiki your resume/CV to make it stand out from the crowd.  In addition:

  • Make sure it's up to date
  • Take a look at what's current in resume/CV format - if you're sending it out by snail mail or delivering it in person, presentation is everything
  • Bear in mind that when you're emailing your resume or CV, it goes straight into a database - make sure your keywords are up to date
  • Ask your Reiki practitioner to Reiki it - yes that does work!

Also, ask yourself what you most enjoy about your last few jobs - was it the people, the manager, the commute ... or maybe there are parts of the last one and the few before that can be put together into a new job description ...

Reiki and work are connected ... but you'll also have to put in a little effort to bring it all to fruition.