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You're the kind of person who prefers ginger and honey (with maybe a dash of whiskey!) for a cold, rather than antibioticsyou're willing to take responsibility for your own health and personal development, but want some expert assistance to find direction and a roadmapbe a better, happier personreduce and control stress in your life and maybe learn to relax and turn off a bit more

Effortless Weight Loss

Ever feel you're in a constant battle with your body?  Explore ways to to realign your body with your weight goals.

Not a diet, this course focuses the main three obstacles to reaching and maintaining your weight loss and maintenance issues: set point weight; cravings; how you reward yourself

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Law of Attraction: Tools That Work 28 Day Intensive

Magical thinking? Not quite.  The magic is in what you truly believe. And what you truly believe is reflected back to you in your life.

This 28 day course eases you into new beliefs about yourself, your life, your interactions and your sense of worth.

Forge your own path of least resistance by designing your ideal life - your way.

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Work With Me One to One

When you know what you want, but can't seem to find your way to it, Personal Development coaching with me can help you reduce stress around it and resistance to it, increase confidence and clarity, and support you to your most desired outcomes.

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