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Effortless Weight Loss

Ever feel you're in a constant battle with your body?  Explore ways to to realign your body with your weight goals.

Not a diet, this course focuses the main three obstacles to reaching and maintaining your weight loss and maintenance issues: set point weight; cravings; how you reward yourself

Law of Attraction: Tools That Work 28 Day Intensive

Magical thinking? Not quite.  The magic is in what you truly believe. And what you truly believe is reflected back to you in your life.

This 28 day course eases you into new beliefs about yourself, your life, your interactions and your sense of worth.  

Forge your own path of least resistance by designing your ideal life - your way.

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Work With Me One to One

When you know what you want, but can't seem to find your way to it, Personal Development coaching with me can help you reduce stress around it and resistance to it, increase confidence and clarity, and support you to your most desired outcomes.


I bought Effortless Weight Loss because I don't like diets and to see if I could lose weight without starving.

I have always been constipated quite a lot of the time and have no self control over portion sizes/snacks/foodstuffs generally, although my diet overall is fairly balanced and healthy.

Part One has been worked through about three times and Part 2 about once.

The product is very easy to use - the transcripts are very dyslexic friendly, which is important to me.

I like everything about it:

  • It's easy to use
  • Fast results
  • I don't have to cook separately for myself when doing this

Even when cooking for two people, there hasn't been a change in anything - my partner's diet hasn't had to change significantly in order for me to work through the course.

I feel much better in myself. I lost 5 or 6lbs soon after starting the course.

An unexpected - but great! - side effect is that I'm no longer constipated, "going" far more regularly than I used to. Found myself eating less too, for instance I went on holiday and had lots of meals out. It was the first time ever I haven't been able to clear my plate.

I didn't expect to lose 6lbs that quickly!

Victoria Cornhill

Fiona is a very experienced and insightful EFT Practitioner who brings about profound change. Her sessions facilitate deep shifts and are light at the same time as Fiona has a good sense of humour. I can recommend her highly.

Ulrike Klöffel - Research & Delivery - Executive Search

Fiona McCallion.
Has a vast amount of knowledge in her course subject matter, the delivery of the course I attended was both interactive and experiential which made the learning more fun along with allowing it to fix firmly within my subconscious mind, I have contacted Fiona as a follow up to this course on a couple of occasions, she gives her time and knowledge freely and with passion, her course manual is backed up by her excellent website. I highly recommend Fiona for her courses.

On another note, as Fiona’s EFT Trainer I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough her intuitive art of delivery and following through to ensure the core issue has been found and resolved, I am using two of Fiona's case studies submitted after her advanced Level 3 training as examples for my new students. You truly have a gift to share Fiona.

Terri Charles EFT Trainer - EFT Trainer & Energy Therapist at EFT Workshops 4U