Overcome Fear With Reiki

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How to Overcome Fear With Reiki

There is so much going on in the world right now – the economy, protests and riots both at home and abroad, pollution, global warming, the list is endless. More personally, people are afraid of crime, violence, shootings – it can seem that no one is safe. Overcome fear with Reiki, and move past it into freedom of choice.

The media is full of stories of violence both towards the person and through war. Often people are advised not to read or watch the news. However, one of the ways a population can be controlled is through ignorance and it’s important to take a little time each day to read or listen to at least the headlines from a trusted mainstream source. The trick is not to take it personally.

Reiki can help with this. Preliminary research by MacKay, Hansen and McFarlane in 2005 (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine) indicates that Reiki has a direct effect on the autonomic nervous system resulting in reduction in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure. Other, more recent, research (Bowden, Goddard and Gruzellier, published in the Brain Research Bulletin, 2010) suggests that Reiki reduces stress as well as helping relieve symptoms of illness.

Regular Reiki treatments, therefore, can help balance the autonomic nervous system.  In practical terms, Reiki can help you to let go of fear and begin to at least be able to think clearly again.

What is the autonomic nervous system? How Does it Help to Overcome Fear With Reiki?

The autonomic nervous system controls all the subconscious activities of the body, like digestion, heart rate, excretion and so on. It’s divided into two main parts: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Which is all very well, but what does that mean?

The sympathetic nervous system is active.It controls and reacts to the Adrenalin responses of fight, flight and freeze.The parasympathetic nervous system is the complementary system that controls and reacts to times of rest and recuperation, allowing the body to sleep soundly, relax completely and restore its resources.

Obviously when these two systems are out of balance, the body either rests too much or is too active, on the alert for danger inappropriately.

In today’s world it is easy for the system to become “stuck” in the danger response: stress, worry, fear and anxiety take their toll on all of us, resulting in anything from road rage, through domestic violence to inexplicable eruptions of fear and anger, all of which are reported in the media. Add to that stressful jobs, dysfunctional relationships and worry about the economy and what is really surprising is that anyone functions at all.

Regular Reiki treatments, either from a practitioner or through self treatment, help bring the nervous system into balance, allowing appropriate rest, relief from stress and the kind of relaxation of mind and body that allows us to move through the world without taking it personally.

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