Monthly Personal Development Roundup

Got a lot for you in personal development this time:

Year of the Dragon 5 Elements predictions for Barak Obama. And while you're there, take a look at the Goodies I have available for you - with Valentine's coming up, they make ideal and unusual presents. Leave comments and I'll answer them all personally.

If you have a Reiki blog, my new series: "Top 10 Reiki Posts of the Month" could be what you're looking for to send a little traffic love your way. I found some real gems this month, so pop over and take a look. Leave your blog url in the comments to make them easy to find for next month. It's time for us all to start co-operating instead of competing so leave your url so that you can get backlinks to your site which helps your rank in google.

If you're connected to me on Facebook, you may know that I'm now officially qualified as an Advanced EFT practitioner. Over the next few months I'll be serialising the case studies included as part of that qualification. The first part of EFT for dyslexia is here - so go take a look! The post is in several different formats (type, pdf on buff, video, type with different coloured highlights and bullets) in order for dyslexics to be able to access it, so if you know anyone who has dyslexia, please pass it on. And please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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