How can I use the law of attraction to get my dream job?

Everyone wants a dream job.

Trouble is, ask what their dream job looks like ... and you're generally met with either a blank expression or a salary figure.

Push a bit further and you'll likely get a list of what isn't wanted - a bad boss, a nasty co worker, a dodgy area of town etc ...

Law of Attraction is giving you more of what you don't want, based on what you're thinking about and how you feel about it.​  You feel more strongly about what you don't want, than about what you do want.

A dream job has a lot of components to it.

Often you'll have created it vibrationally over several jobs and quite a few years.

  • Every time a boss yells at you or one of your co workers
  • Whenever anyone else gets a promotion and you don't
  • When your boss "asks" (meaning says it's already been done) for you to take a pay cut
  • When it turns into a go nowhere rut that you can't get out of

You Know What You Don't Want

So you've sifted and sorted and you know what you don't want from your dream job.

But do you know what you do want?

What does your dream job feel like?

Law of Attraction Works With How You Feel

The better you feel, the better things turn out.

So, how do you work out what you prefer? And how do you create it in your life?

First, think about all the contrast in your work life until now. Then ask yourself a series of questions about what you prefer,

Example Questions


  • Do I prefer working inside or outside?
  • With my mind or with my physical strength?
  • With other people or on my own?

Next, move your thoughts to what kind of industry you prefer: for example, leading edge or established, commercial or non profit and so on.

Then, think about what you want in co workers - do you want to work as part of a team or on your own initiative?

I've created a worksheet to help you, which you can download here


How Do You Feel When You Think About Your Dream Job

Do you want to feel valued? Appreciated?

In order to feel valued and appreciated, you must value and appreciate. Appreciate your boss, your co workers, the work you do, your workplace, everything.

As you settle into thoughts of appreciation, Law of Attraction draws to you people, situations and things that align with how you feel.

As you focus on your mood, strange coincidences may begin to happen:

  • A friend calls you letting you know about an opening in their firm or another friend's firm
  • You might meet up with someone who can give you an "in" to a particular company or point you in the direction of someone who can
  • When your boss "asks" (meaning says it's already been done) for you to take a pay cut
  • You might pick up a paper, or notice a LinkedIn update asking for applications

Don't worry about the details of how you're going to get where you want to be - the Law of Attraction will take care of that.

Focus on how you feel and really enjoy the emotions of being where you want to be.

"What?! You mean, I have to feel the way I want to feel in my dream job, while I'm still in my cr***y job? Or not in a job at all? How does that work?"

The Law of Attraction is attraction based.

The better you feel, the better things are ... and the better things are, the better you feel.

If all you're feeling is a reaction to what is, then the more you'll get of what is. That's the way it works.

If you want to feel good about your job, focus on feeling good about your dream job.

Your Path of Least Resistance


When you feel good about your dream job, the universe opens up a path of least resistance to it. Pay attention to your impulses - and how you feel when you get them.

Follow the impulses that come from a good feeling place. It is this that will lead you to your dream job.

You can't control how other people feel about you - you can only control your own feelings.

Download your Law of Attraction Dream Job worksheet


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