Is Reiki Demonic?

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What does a life coach do graphicThere are a lot of people out there searching on the term "is Reiki demonic?" and if you're one of them, please read on.

The quick and simple answer is: no, Reiki is not demonic.

In order to answer the question in a more expansive way, it's first necessary to consider why some people might ask the question. If Reiki brings relaxation, reduces pain, helps recovery, assists in regaining health, reduces side effects of chemotherapy and generally gives people a better quality of life why would anyone think it was anything other than good?

First, let's look at the research.  You'll find, if you follow that link, that there is plenty of research indicating that Reiki helps people.  Latest published research indicates that Reiki helps people to recover after heart attacks.  It decreases their anxiety and increases their sense of wellbeing.  This research also indicates there are no adverse effects from Reiki, physically or emotionally.

This research on Reiki and cancer related fatigue suggests that receiving Reiki while on treatment for cancer reduces fatigue and increases physical energy.  Additionally, they experienced increased quality of life, reduced pain and reduced stress.

When pain, stress and anxiety are reduced, the body is better able to heal itself.  This fact sheet suggests that stress has a role in a great many diseases and chronic conditions.  Reiki reduces stress - placebo controlled trials indicate it is this stress reducing facility that is the main contributing factor to people feeling better after a Reiki treatment.  And that this feeling has a direct affect on their recovery.

So.  Mainstream research indicates that Reiki has a positive effect on the mind/emotions and the body.



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Is Reiki Demonic?

But what about the spirit?  It's all very well to say that Reiki has a positive effect on the mind and body, but,  according to some, it is the spirit that is the most important part of the mind/body/spirit system.

Actually, I'd agree that the spirit is the most important part of the mind/body/spirit system.  When the spirit is compromised, the rest of the system cannot function healthily.  So does Reiki compromise the spirit?

Mrs Takata, who brought Reiki to the West, told her students: "don't be surprised if you find yourself going to Church more often" and "Reiki is from God".  Which is all very well, but anyone could say that, couldn't they.

Let's take a look at the whole of the Reiki system, not just the laying on of hands part.  When Reiki practitioners are first initiated into Reiki they are also given the 5 Precepts - the guidelines upon which Reiki practitioners are taught to live their lives:

  • Do not lose your temper today
  • Do not give way to anxiety today
  • Be kind to all people
  • Work hard and honestly
  • Show gratitude

There are various translations of the Reiki Precepts but they all say more or less the same thing. These precepts pretty much sum up the guidelines given in all spiritual traditions, from many cultures. Do any of these Precepts contradict or oppose any spiritual tradition? Not that I can see.

Is there anything in there that seems demonic?  No.  Do all Reiki practitioners live by the Precepts?  No they don't.  Do all people following a particular spiritual tradition live by their own guidelines?  No they don't.  Thus Reiki, in its Precepts cannot be argued to be spiritually compromising either to the practitioner or to the receiver.

Does Reiki say one has to believe in a particular spiritual tradition?  No it doesn't.  In fact Reiki is not attached to any particular tradition - clients and practitioners are taught that one does not have to believe in anything at all ... and that Reiki enhances all spiritual traditions.

It think that it is this that people are afraid of: no one tradition has a monopoly on Reiki; Reiki Teachers are not under anyone's control; they believe and follow many spiritual traditions and none; they are out there teaching and treating, without anyone telling them who to treat and who not to treat, what to believe and what not to believe. They may be asked where Reiki comes from and give different answers: God, Goddess, Spirit, Source, the Divine, the Universe, life itself, or something else ... but always the answer boils down to what Takata originally said: "Reiki is from God", whatever you believe that means.




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