How To Stop Upper Back Pain | How to Treat Upper Back Pain


How to Treat Upper Back Pain With This EFT Tapping Video

A chronic pain in the shoulders caused by stress, is addressed with EFT tapping resulting in remarkable - some might say miraculous! - results.

Points of interest on dealing with aspects as they come up and using the Chasing the Pain technique to deal with underlying emotional causes:

2:04 New aspect - change from shoulder to neck
2:51 Beginning to address the emotional aspect behind the pain
5:09 Incorporating the stress into the setup statement
6:25 Acknowledgement of the stress behind the pain really helps shift it!
7:06 New aspect arising
8:15 Reframe - giving the system a cue
8:55 Reframe - opening up new possibilities reduces the pain by at least half
9:46 List of different aspects - we've been chasing the pain!
10:56 Introducing forgiveness
14:41 Aspect: Underlying grief and judgement

Try it for yourself as a tap along and for more articles like this fill in your name and email below.

Originally published in December 2011.  Fully updated by Fiona on 11/02/2017


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