How To Stop Upper Back Pain | How to Treat Upper Back Pain

How to Stop Upper Back Pain

As many as 80% of people in the western world suffer from chronic back pain.  In this video and post you'll discover how to stop upper back pain in its tracks quickly and easily.

Yes, it certainly is weird looking, this tapping thing.  But the results can be remarkable and the technique often works when nothing else can.

You can find out more about EFT tapping, what it is and how it works in this post.

In the ​video, Elaine shares how she has suffered from upper back and shoulder pain for many years.  It tends to flare up even more when she's stressed.  

​EFT for Pain Relief | EFT for Stress | Chasing the Pain

She came to me to learn how to stop upper back pain, but the whole session is more about releasing the stress that caused it. 

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How to Treat Upper Back Pain With This EFT Tapping Video

A chronic pain in the shoulders caused by stress, is addressed with EFT tapping resulting in remarkable - some might say miraculous! - results.

Points of interest on dealing with aspects as they come up and using the Chasing the Pain technique to deal with underlying emotional causes:

2:04 New aspect - change from shoulder to neck
2:51 Beginning to address the emotional aspect behind the pain
5:09 Incorporating the stress into the setup statement
6:25 Acknowledgement of the stress behind the pain really helps shift it!
7:06 New aspect arising
8:15 Reframe - giving the system a cue
8:55 Reframe - opening up new possibilities reduces the pain by at least half
9:46 List of different aspects - we've been chasing the pain!
10:56 Introducing forgiveness
14:41 Aspect: Underlying grief and judgement

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Originally published in December 2011.  Fully updated by Fiona on 11/02/2017