How To Relieve Stress Back Pain [VIDEO]

How to Relieve Stress Back Pain

Back pain from stress is an increasing issue for many people.  It's invisible much of the time and is often dismissed by friends and employers as an excuse.  In this video Fiona demonstrates how to relieve stress back pain and how to get rid of neck pain from stress.

When you've tried anti inflammatory pain relief, had all the tests and still can't find relief, tapping along with this video may be what you're looking for.

How Can This Weird Looking Tapping Thing Relieve Stress Back Pain?

EFT or Tapping stimulates specific meridian points on the face and upper body - like acupuncture without the needles!  By stimulating these points while "tuning in" to the issue - in this case back pain - many people find they can get rid of their pain quickly and easily.  

You can find one of my case studies on relief from stress back pain here: Lingering Back Pain

Questions and Answers During the Video

Drilling down to discover the root cause of the back pain in order to find relief is important.  You'll notice I ask what was happening in Elaine's life when the pain started.  And when was the first time she felt that way. 

These two questions are vital in discovering where the stress originates. 

You want to get rid of your stress back pain?  Find out what originally triggered it - what situation in your life began the repeated emotional and physical behaviour.

Don't believe me? 

Think about it: if, for example, you are just about to leave work when your boss piles extra work on you that all has to be finished before you go home, how does that affect you?  Are you energized and ready to go?  Or do you feel your whole body slump in dejection?

That "slumping in dejection" is a physical reaction to an emotional response.  The body releases cortisol (a type of adrenalin) which stimulates that physical response.  It's a type of "freeze" response - you know you can't fight your boss (much) and your job is too valuable to you to just ignore him and go home. 

Repeated "slumping" puts pressure on your back - the muscles, disks and tendons that hold the whole thing together.  No wonder you're in pain!

In fact you may describe your boss as a "pain in the neck" - such a widespread response that it's part of the cultural vernacular!

How to Relieve Stress Back Pain: Key Takeaway

This weird Tapping video shows how to relieve stress back pain on a physical level to clear the effects of that emotional response of "slumping".

Try it.  Tap along with this video to relieve stress back pain ... and any other issue you care to bring to it!

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