New Year Resolutions Tap a Long | How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Year Resolutions Easily | New Year Resolutions Tap a Long

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Happy new year! 

And happy new year resolutions! 

You know the drill: every year we make a list of the things we want to change in our lives - and really mean to make those changes!

But by the end of January, all those good intentions are relegated to the past with the old year.

But this year can be different. 

New Year Resolutions Tap a Long


The Problem with New Year Resolutions

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Enthusiasm for a new year, new broom, so to speak, is that nothing has really changed.  Nada.  Not a thing.  You are still you.  Your habits are still yours.  And your reluctance to step out of your comfort zone is still as strong as ever. 

New year is just a day.  It may also be a hungover day.  Or a bloated from all those Christmas treats day.  Or both. Or worse.

I remember the new year when it was "broke up with my boyfriend" new year.

And it's the middle of winter, unless you live in the Southern hemisphere.​

So you can see why New Year really just makes you want to curl up with the duvet over your head and mutter to yourself about starting next week.

How to Solve the Problem With New Year Resolutions

People who actually manage to make new year resolutions and keep them have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Here's how they do it:

  • They start with small changes and build on them
  • They prioritise, rather than try to do everything at once
  • They set themselves small milestones on their way to their final goal
  • They persist
  • They don't let one failure or obstacle get in their way.

Start with small changes

The most popular new year resolutions refer to weight loss and exercise. 

Both of which can attract enormous goals.

The truth is that going from coach potato to marathon runner in a few weeks just isn't going to happen.  And that's why gym memberships rise dramatically at the beginning of January ... and then fall off again by the end of the month. 

If you're a coach potato, by which I mean you do the kind of exercise involved in walking to the bus or train station on the way to work, start with adding a 5 minute walk at lunch time.  This will clear your head, allow you to explore the local area and give you more energy for the afternoon at your desk. 

In the dark days of winter, getting a little extra sun, no matter what the weather, may also improve your health and wellbeing by way of additional Vitamin D. 

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After a while, you may find yourself resenting having to stop after 5 minutes.  So build on what you've achieved and add another 5 minutes to your walk.  And then another.  And another.

You can use this method to work up to your resolution, rather than setting yourself up for failure by trying to do it all at once.


There may be several areas of your life that you would like to improve. 

Although diet and exercise are the top two choices for resolutions, others include spirituality, relationships, family life and work. 

Choose your top three priorities, based on the effect they have on you and those around you.

For example, if you're unhappy and stressed at work, that is bound to affect the people you live with, your relationships and how you express your relationship with nature or the divine, or however you experience spirituality. So doing something about your job would be a priority.

What kind of "doing something"?  Think about what you want from your job: career path, a raise, a different job, for example. 

​Once you have clarity, set yourself small tasks to assist you.  For example: update your CV carefully, outlining your contributions to the company that indicate you're a "go the extra mile" kind of person; or do that same thing in a memo like outline and take it with you when you ask for a raise.


Smaller tasks allow you to measure your progress towards your final goal. 

For example: updating your CV and/or your LinkedIn profile is a milestone.  These things are simple in concept, but require a bit of work in execution.  And, yes, I've had work through LinkedIn and so can you.

Each time you complete a task, give yourself a treat.  That may be catching up on a TV program you follow or a scented bubble bath or some other thing you enjoy.  Reward yourself for reaching these milestones. 

And then on to the next one.


Let the whole of January come and go while you're working on your priorities.  Keep going.  Keep setting those small tasks for yourself, rewarding yourself for taking action ... and then through these small steps you will achieve your goals.

Obstacles and Failures

If your boss refuses to give you a raise, think about what it is you really want from your job.  Make a list.  Was his/her reason for not giving you a raise plausible?  If yes, then wait for a better economy/whatever and ask again then.  Don't give up.  Wait.

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If, on the other hand, your boss' reason was not plausible, think about what you want, write a list, update your CV and look for another job.  You may feel resentful at first, but think about it as an opportunity to work for someone who really appreciates you.  Or perhaps to set up your own business. 

You may find this article and basic tapping script useful for finding a new job here.

The One Secret to #SuperCharging Your Resolutions

Of course, all the above depend on willpower - and willpower is notorious for draining away over time.

However, the addition of the EFT tapping sequence aimed directly at keeping your new year resolutions can supercharge your drive to achieve the goals you've set yourself.  Watch and join in with the video at the top of this post for a taste of what you can accomplish when you support your determination to change with this odd looking tool.

​New Year Resolutions Takeaway

New year resolutions can be like pie crusts - made to be broken!   But putting these few tips into practice can ensure your success in the coming year.

  1. Aim for small changes and build on them
  2. Prioritise
  3. Reward yourself for small victories
  4. Persist
  5. Obstacles and failures are opportunities to rethink

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