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You are not your history

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Fiona McCallion

Fiona is a health and life coach of many years’ standing, having achieved Reiki Mastership in 1997, EFT Advanced Practitioner in 2002 and has held practitioner status in Feng Shui for more years than she cares to remember.

How May I Help You?


Feng Shui - Remote

Send me your address, the year it was built, a floor plan of your space, a compass reading from the front and back and a few photos of the surrounding area. I'll send you a list of suggestions and recommendations


Online Courses

Stress, weight loss, Law of Attraction and more. An accesible way to get the benefit of my help, without the expense.


Health and Wellbeing Coaching

When you have the same kind of situation happening on a regular basis - describing it, you often start with "This always happens when ... " - it's the "always" that gives it away

Work With Me

I have one, 5 and 10 session packages available to fit any timescale and depth of work. 

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