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How to EFT Ebook

Ebook: How to Do EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping on specific points on the face and upper body can release blocks, reduce pain, manage anxiety and help you align with your goals.

Try it for yourself to feel the benefits!

DOWNLOAD NOWLaw of attraction ebook

eBook: How to Use the Law of Attraction for a Positive Life

Your definitive step by step guide to the Law of Attraction:

What is it?

How to work with it.


Reiki Hand Positions Chart

Didn't learn the hand positions - or forgot them?

This report tells you

Why use them

What they are

Benefits for yourself and your clients

DOWNLOAD NOWMy 5 year plan

Your 5 Year Plan Worksheet

Make a 5 year life/business plan with this worksheet to help you clearly define your short and long term goals.


eBook: EFT Tapping for Money

Clear out all your negative beliefs about money with this EFT Tapping eBook.

Contains tapping scripts and suggestions for your own work.

DOWNLOAD NOWLOA dream job worksheet

Law of Attraction Dream Job Worksheet

You know what you don't want - but do you know what you do want?

Use this worksheet to clearly define your dream job and focus clearly on opening the path of least resistance to it.

DOWNLOAD NOWLOA mini course image

Law of Attraction Video Mini Course

4 Video Course using EFT Tapping to release resistance and help you further with money


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