About Fiona McCallion

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Experience is a test where the exam comes first and the learning later.

Fiona McCallion Personal Development is built on my own life experience as well as thorough training – and is aimed at being a safe and supportive space for you to grow, solve life challenges and become the person you always wanted to be.


A long time ago – and far from where I am now – newly divorced with three small children, I was doing a lot of reading.  Fiction, obviously, no point in improving oneself!

The story in this one book mentioned a healing practice called Reiki.  I remember thinking at the time: wouldn’t it be great if that was real …

Putting that one thought out into the universe started a journey that has led to a confident, powerful place where I’m eager to share the tools and knowledge that brought me here.  Yes, everything has changed – and it can for you, too.  It’s not instant … but it is forever.

If you’re ready to start a journey to discover your true self, leave your history behind and clear your own path to health, wealth and happiness, then start by clicking the button below.

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