Case Study: Feng Shui for Fertility

A young woman who had been trying for a baby for some time approached me for help in choosing a new home that would support her desire for a baby.

There were no problems with her or her partner's respective reproductive health, but the client had failed to conceive and was rapidly coming to the conclusion that it was just not going to happen.

However, in a last ditch attempt to find a solution, she decided to approach me on the basis of a recommendation from another client.

Since the client was not local to me, I asked her to send information about the property she was proposing to move into. This included photographs of both the building and the surrounding area, a floor plan and a compass reading. I explained clearly how to take the reading and from where. I also asked her for construction dates. All of this information fed into the accuracy of the reading and recommendations.

I also asked her for her birth details: date and time of birth, together with place of birth.

After having constructed a "Flying Stars" chart of the property, as well as the Four Pillars birth chart for the client herself, I considered both charts carefully.

What I was looking for were directions for health and wellbeing for the client, with particular emphasis on indications supporting pregnancy and healthy children.

The client's Four Pillar chart interactions with the Flying Stars chart for the property were of fundamental importance. Best directions for the client should, for example, align with the best possible Feng Shui combinations in the property chart.

On interpreting the charts, the property did not fit what the client wanted. I carefully explained what directions I was looking for and the directions particularly suited to reproduction and healthy children for the client. These included the "sitting" direction of an ideal property (ie the direction the back of the property pointed to), the best direction for her bed to be placed, what I was looking for in the surrounding area and the approach to the front door.

The client had been very keen to move into the property, already preparing and packing in anticipation of doing so. As a result, she was already being affected by the energy of the property in negative ways, including confusion, lack of organisation and headaches, which was most unlike her usual self.

Under these circumstances, she had to agree that this property was probably not for her.

On making this decision not to move into the property, she was back to her usual self within a couple of days.

Using the information I had given her, she set about finding a more suitable property to support herself and her plans.

Within three months she had found a property better suited to her, let me know about it supplied the relevant information. With a few adjustments this second property was perfectly suited to her and she had no hesitation about moving in.

Ten months later, she delivered a healthy baby who is growing up in an environment that supports both his and his mother's health, wealth and happiness.