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​Who You Are ​is not your history

  • Discover your true self
  • Create your best life
  • Become who you are meant to be

​When was the last time you woke up happy?

​Do you even remember the last time?

​​Life has a tendency to take over ... and then one day you wake up and think: "what is this?  I used to have dreams ... and now, I can't even remember what they were ... "

If this is you, you may well have already had some therapy.  And felt the same, no matter ​with whom or how long you persevered. 

Sometimes you may feel like there really isn't anything else ... but then a small part of you whispers "but what if there is?  What if the dreams I had weren't ephemeral, but real, achievable and possible ... even now?"

If you're someone who prefers ginger and honey (with maybe a dash of whiskey!) for a cold, rather than antibiotics

​If you're willing to take responsibility for your own health and personal development, but want some expert assistance to find direction and a road map​ ... 

​If you're someone who wants to improve your family life, friendships, relationships, health, connection with nature and have a lot more fun ... 

If You believe you can be a better, healthier, happier person ... 

​You've come to the right place.  Welcome.

​What Kind of Help is Available Here

​Choose what you want from the menu below ... and if you don't know exactly what to go for - choose Life Coaching to explore.

balancePersonal development - life changes

​Life Changes

​I can help you take the stress out of life changing decisions,  to focus on what you want, release the negative thought patterns ​that keep ​where you are and open a path ​to confidence and ease  in your choices.


​Health Coaching

There's nothing quite so ​stressful as changes in health, whether it comes in the form of a chronic condition or an acute one. 

My health coaching can support you in your choices, help you align with positive outcomes and bring you to an emotional space of optimism, peace and clarity.

Personal development ambition imagePersonal development ambition image

​Personal Development - Specific Ambitions

​When you know what you want, but can't seem to find your way to it, Personal Development coaching with me can help you reduce stress around it and resistance to it, ​increase confidence and clarity, and support you to your most desired outcomes.

Life coaching thumbnailfree tools feature image

​Life Coaching

​Discover who you really are, how you can reclaim that ... and make your peace with your past.

What Others Say


Fiona's help came just at the right time. All the things we talked about hit the nail on the head for me, very insightful. She provided really clear and useful advice [...] which also focused in detail on the plans I had for the future. I would say Fiona's session was one of the most practical interventions I've ever had when I've been making such life changing decisions because I felt she was able to immediately 'get a hold' on what it was I was trying to do, what would hold them back and what would help them instead. The information she gave made complete sense and I now have a clear view of what will be supportive for the future

Ruth Westnidge

 / ​Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Herbalist


​​Fiona McCallion has a vast amount of knowledge in her course subject matter, the delivery of the course I attended was both interactive and experiential which made the learning more fun along with allowing it to fix firmly within my subconscious mind, I have contacted Fiona as a follow up to this course on a couple of occasions, she gives her time and knowledge freely and with passion, her course manual is backed up by her excellent website. I highly recommend Fiona for her courses.

Terri Charles ​

/ ​EFT Trainer


​Fiona is knowledgeable, good-humoured, strong and kind. She approaches her work with great sincerity and integrity, and she definitely produces good results. I would certainly recommend her.

Jason Handby

/ ​Owner, Corestar Ltd and Computer Software Consultant

Fiona McCallion Personal Development headshot image websiteFiona McCallion Personal Development headshot image websiteMY NAME IS...​Fiona McCallion

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