Find a job with EFT

Find a Job in Any Economy With EFT Tapping

When you're hoping to find a job it really doesn't matter what unemployment rates are currently running at.  In Spain right now, unemployment is around 28%, while in the UK and USA it's just under 5%.  Millions of individual and family stories of unemployment, stress, anxiety and financial consequences are just as valid, whatever the unemployment statistics say.

How EFT Tapping Can Help You Find a Job

EFT is a completely different approach to finding a job.  There’s a fair amount of baggage you bring with you to every job search and that you take with you from every job.  With EFT you’re able to clear out this old baggage, leaving you free to allow your gifts and talents to flow from your heart.  When you do this, things start happening: opportunities you would never have noticed catch your attention; friends contact you with suggestions; sometimes you even open a newspaper or visit a website and there’s your perfect job.

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You are already doing the best you can in the way of applying for jobs, networking and contacting companies on spec.  However, the way you look for a job, your beliefs about the process, your emotions around it and even the way you left your last job all build up to form blocks to moving forward into the position you want.

I’ve put together a little tapping script for you to try as a start if you’re currently looking for a job.  It won’t do any harm to do it even if you’re not looking at the moment – nothing like being prepared for the next time!  Obviously, this little script isn’t going to solve all your problems all at once.  Finding a job using EFT is a process.  It should, however, loosen things off a little and give you a glimpse of how some focused work with EFT can help you dramatically with finding your new position.

Release Resistance to Finding a Job | EFT Tapping Script

Start by saying out loud: “It’s impossible to find a job in this economy”.  How true is that for you on a scale of 0-10, which 10 being “yes, that’s absolutely true” and 0 being “that’s not true at all”?  Where are you on that scale?  Make a note of that number now.

Then begin by tapping the side of your hand, saying:

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“Even though it’s impossible to find a job right now – there just aren’t any, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

“Even though there are no jobs out there, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

“Even though I feel so anxious and stressed knowing there is nothing out there for me, I deeply and completely love, accept and approve of myself anyway.”

Eyebrow (EB):   There are no jobs
Side of the Eye (SE):  I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist
Under the Eye (UE):  It’s pointless
Under the Nose (UN): It’s depressing
Chin (CH): I feel so depressed with this job search
Collar Bone (CB): And it’s so stressful
Under the Arm (UA): I feel so anxious
Top of the Head (TH): I keep trying but it’s impossible

EB: There’s nothing out there for me
SE: There are no jobs
UE: There are no jobs for me
UN: There are jobs for other people
CH: But there are no jobs for me
CB: There are jobs for other people
UA: They find jobs, but not me
TH: I feel so jealous that they make it look so easy

EB: Still, at least if people I know have found jobs
SE: Then maybe there might be a job for me
UE: It’s possible there’s a job for me
UN: if there are jobs for them
CH: I know it feels like there are no jobs for me right now
CB: but I know that other people have found them
UA: It still feels impossible for me to find a job
TH: but I’m choosing to be open to the possibility that there might be

EB: I’m choosing to open up a little
SE: I’m choosing to be open to new possibilities
UE: I’m choosing to appreciate my own gifts and talents
UN: and let them flow out from my heart
CH: I’m choosing to bless those other people
CB: who have shown me that there are jobs out there
UA: I’m choosing to bless everyone who has a job right now
TH: Including me!


Then take a deep breath and measure how you feel with that statement again.  Repeat the script until the number is at least down to 3.

Use this script every day with your first cup of coffee to set you up for the day!

When you’ve tried the script, let me know your reactions by leaving a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Find a job with EFT”

  1. Thanks for this script Fiona ,Ill start using it as finding a job for me right now is a big challenge.Unemployment is the biggest stressful situation i have ever come across in my life.
    How many time do i need to tap in a day?

    1. Hi Natasha – thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, unemployment is very stressful – you might find just simple tapping on “Even though I feel stressed and overwealmed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself (or want to!)”. Do a few rounds on that and see how you feel. You can do that whenever you feel it all getting too much – repeat as much as necessary.

      As to the post you’ve commented on – try it as the guidance indicates: take a measure of how true you feel the statement is and repeat until the level goes down to zero.

      Tapping first thing in the morning is always a good idea – it sets you up for the day. That script can overcome any related negativity from your dreams.

      If you’re finding that people are telling you finding a job in this economy is impossible, you can add a round or two on “even though the world/my community/the media/ whatever tells me that it’s impossible to get a job right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself (even when I don’t)”. That should loosen that outside pressure off a bit.

      Good luck – I know you’ll find a job soon!

  2. Hi,Fiona thanks a lot for explanation,sorry i am replying late because of many many issues etc.I just wanted to let you know that when i started tapping on the unemployment issue ,in a couple of weeks time i started getting interview calls.I mean really quite a lot of interview calls i dont know how it worked but it did well.
    I did not get any job because i changed my mind from finding a job to going for some course which will makes me more qualified.
    I wanted to thank you for your kindness.I will send you an email about other issues in my life that i need help to be resolved and i know EFT can help a lot.Id like to book a session or two.
    Thanks Fiona

  3. Glad to hear tapping worked for you, Natasha – and thanks very much for dropping in to give this great feedback.

    Will look forward to receiving your email.

  4. Hello,
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I always get interviews but I seem to get to the last 2 and always come second .. Very frustrating. Had so many interviews recently for great jobs but am always second best in the process. Would you have any advice on how to tap on this issue? I think somehow I might feel not deserving of a better wage? Not sure though.

    1. Hi El – that sounds really frustrating.

      Try adding in something about resistance to your tapping – for example: “even though I really deserve this job and have so much resistance to getting it …. ”

      When we’re seeing this kind of pattern, we can’t help but think about it, feel frustrated – even angry! – about it. That sets up resistance. Tapping on both sides by including tapping on resistance will often free up the energy flow to success.

      Try it and let us know how you get on 🙂

  5. I have tried tapping before but I really like this script. Thank you for providing it. I have already started using it and hope it will lead me to my next opportunity.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful post. I am looking for job from two years. Giving interviews but not getting job. I really need a job. It make me feel sad and frustrated. Can you pls tell me how to do eft for it.

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