Feng Shui and Love: How Feng Shui Can Help You Find Love This Valentine’s Day

Apart from money, the top reason most people give for consulting a Feng Shui practitioner is love and relationships.

In the old days of Western Feng Shui, a practitioner might suggest something for the “relationship corner” of a bedroom. As satisfactory as this might have seemed, this did not work very fast in most cases and occasionally made things worse.

A Feng Shui practitioner who uses a compass to construct a “Flying Stars” chart of your home, can discover in which part of the space the “peach blossom” – special love and relationship correlations for each member of the family - lie and suggest ways to activate these positive indications, while reducing the effect of any indications that may interfere or sabotage them.

The “peach blossom” is usually different for each member of the family – one “relationship corner” is generally not enough. When a husband and wife consult a Feng Shui practitioner for help with their relationship, the “peach blossoms” for both of them can and should be addressed. Further, before activating the “peach blossoms” it is important to ensure there are no negative indicators – signs suggesting affaires or other negative impacts should be reduced before placing anything to stimulate these spaces.

However, with a single person going through a “dry phase” such indicators can and should be encouraged and activated.

There are usually two possible “peach blossoms” for any one person. By the construction and interpretation of a “Flying Stars” chart, a Feng Shui practitioner can activate the most positive one for each person while lessening any negative impact on anyone else who lives in the space. As we know, all activities have consequences and it is important to ensure that everyone who lives in the space is happy with the outcome.

What is a “Flying Stars” chart?

A “Flying Stars” chart is a special blueprint indicating specific correlations over time within a given space. A Feng Shui practitioner uses a special compass with between 10 -25 rings which give information about any building. Using the construction date of the building (the date the roof was finished) and the Feng Shui compass, the practitioner constructs this chart, using which she gains information about tendencies within the structure.

“Peach blossoms” are romantic tendencies, not certainties, so by activating these areas people can find they are presented with more opportunities for romance. Whether or not they take advantage of these opportunities is always a personal choice.

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