Facebook Fanpage Tips and Tricks: Increase Facebook Page Reach for free

How to Share Facebook Page for Better Organic Reach ​

​Share Facebook Page ... with your friends first

If you're in business, a facebook fan page is essential.  Or at least, that's what they say.  Here's a basic ​tip for getting more likes on your page without breaking the bank: share facebook pages with your friends first.

Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm in order to raise more advertising revenue.  Which means that getting "likes" on your page for free is becoming more and more of a challenge.

If you're a coach, therapist, healer or alternative practitioner, marketing budgets are not as large as, say, IBM or Tesco. 

​Facebook Fanpage Tips and Tricks: How to share facebook page with your friends


So you need to save your marketing budget for the things that really make a difference - like business cards, flyers, website hosting and consumables as well as advertising.

This video shows how to get started populating your facebook fan page - with the people who you know will actually be interested in it - your friends.

Not all your friends will "Like" your page, but enough of them will - they'll take the echo out of the emptiness.

Then you can get started on making your page the best it can be for the type of page it is.

Encourage your friends to "like" posts and comment on them - that will make your posts appear in their activities feed.  In that way their friends will be exposed to your awesome content and encourage them to like your page, too. 

Subtle but effective.

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