EFT Tapping YouTube Video: How To Tap using the EFT Tapping Points

What is EFT Therapy?

Watch the above EFT tapping YouTube video to see EFT therapy in practice. 

Essentially, EFT therapy is a method of releasing stuck emotions, pain and "stuckness" by tapping on meridian points on the face and upper body.  This stimulates those meridian points in a similar way to acupressure or acupuncture, but without any needles!

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, just as the name says, can bring you to freedom from old patterns, resentments, triggers and disappointments.

​EFT Tapping Therapy Technique: How To Tap using the EFT Tapping Points

The above EFT tapping YouTube video gives you the basics so that you can use this amazing tapping sequence as a self help tool.  Try it on headaches, stress and irritations at work.  It can help you become a nicer, happier person, remaining centred  when other people aren't happy - or pleasant!

Try it for yourself: follow along with the EFT tapping youtube video above and let me know how you get along in the comments below.

Download Free EFT Therapy Listen Anywhere MP3 Audio and Transcript

Stress Release MP3 Audio with PDF Transcript free for your use

EFT Tapping YouTube Video: Highlights

EFT uses the EFT tapping points sequence, which Fiona demonstrates on this video.

EFT tapping technique: When tapping on points on the face and upper body while tuning in to an issue, EFT can release old emotional burdens, bringing about profound mind body spirit healing.

Or you can just rant at each point - "my boss is so annoying", "this traffic is driving me mad", "This job is so stressful", "I feel exhausted/burned out/tired".  You get the picture.

0:44 EFT Setup Statement

3:48 EFT Tapping Points: Face

3:48 - Eyebrow
4:08 - Side of the eye
4:30 - Under the eye
4:57 - Under the nose
5:16 - Chin point

Upper Body EFT Tapping Points:

5:36 - Collar bone
6:18 - Under the arm

Top of the head EFT Tapping Point
7:00 - top of the head (obviously!)

Leave a comment below about your own experience with EFT tapping.

You can find some short EFT tapping scripts here, here and here.  Try them out - they don't have to fit your exact circumstances for you to "borrow benefits" from them!

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