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EFT Tapping Therapy for Cats (And Other Pets)

I'm often asked about EFT tapping therapy for cats and other pet animals. This EFT Youtube video demonstrates why EFT tapping therapy used directly on animals can sometimes be an interesting experience!

[page_section color='#2c3e50' textstyle='light' position='default'] 1 minute 09 seconds - EFT for cats - tapping on the cat - hilarious![/page_section]

The little cat in this video had some distressing behaviours - hair burying being the primary one.  Tapping directly on the kitten was hilarious, but not very useful!

Frankly, I think the little cat was quite patient, all things considered.  However, being bitten while doing EFT tapping therapy for cats can be quite distracting!  She really wasn't co-operating.  Nor did she have any idea what was going on, other than that I was touching her face and paws in a very annoying way.

[page_section color='#2c3e50' textstyle='light' position='default']3:32 - surrogate EFT tapping therapy for cats - tapping on yourself for the cat[/page_section]

The above movie goes on to show how surrogate tapping can be an extremely useful intervention.  As you will see from the above movie, the kitten was really tuned in to the behaviour, which is a vital part of any EFT tapping therapy session.

This is one of the cat behaviour problems that a lot of people with cats are coming across - sucking and hair burying. This kind of behaviour can be quite distressing, both for the cat and for her owner.

If you're new to EFT tapping therapy, you can find an instructional video here.

Surrogate tapping for cats is a useful way of addressing any behavioural issue in cats.  Declare you are [name of cat], then tap on the thoughts that occur to you.  Try it for yourself, or contact me through the contact link above.

I hope that you get something out of this (other than a good laugh!) and that you can use it with your own cats.

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