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EFT Tapping Scripts and articles

EFT Tapping Scripts GraphicEFT is one of my favourite Life Coaching tools, so this page is dedicated to EFT tapping scripts for various issues.

This page is designed to give you links to my very best EFT content on this blog

EFT Tapping Scripts

  • Finding a job - a script to help you with overcoming the emotional baggage from your last job and building an abundant mindset for finding a job
  • EFT Tapping Script for Dyslexia - tapping is very helpful for people with dyslexia.  This script addresses any issues left over from less than sensitive teachers - maths is a particular nightmare for the dyslexic "intuitive leap" where one only gets good marks for showing the workings out.
  • Cats - tapping for animals is not as straightforward as it might appear!  This is a tap along video that you can adapt for use with your own animals - and you can see me here in all my makeup-less glory!
  • New Years Resolutions Tap Along - it's never too late to work on your new years resolutions.  This video is designed to help you reach the goals you set at new year - and yes, I look half way decent in this one!

EFT Articles

  • What is EFT? - get the low down on what this weird tapping thing is and how it can help you with pretty much anything
  • Redundancy - how tapping can help you with redundancy and finding a new job, the issues that need to be addressed and how you can help yourself
  • Pain Relief - this page details some positive research on pain relief, showing that tapping really does help in pain management and reduction.
  • Clutter - an article explaining how we develop a tendency to accumulate stuff, connected to childhood issues, with partial tapping script to help you to let it all go

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