EFT Research: Pain Relief

EFT Research: Pain Relief

EFT tapping is one of those things that no one believes in because it seems deceptively simple - and as practitioners we all make astonishing claims for its efficacy! A selection of published peer reviewed scientific research articles on the effectiveness of EFT can be found here. The list is not exhaustive - a google scholar search brought up 237,000 references - that's not all going to fit on one page on my website!

The one thing that can persuade people of the efficacy of EFT for things like relief from back pain, weight loss, stress management, anger management, overwhealm release and so on is for them to try it themselves. One of the ways people like to try it out is in a group setting - accessible, affordable, fun and effective. If any reader is planning an EFT tapping group, please let me know and I'll be glad to put it in the soon-to-be-available "Resources" section of my website in return for a link to my site from yours. Let me know before the second Saturday of any month in order for it to be promoted in the monthly newsletter.

In the meantime, Contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation - or, if sciatia pain is your issue, visit my products page for an EFT freedom from sciatica pain script you can do at home!

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