EFT for Weight Loss

Totally Reprogram Your Relationship With Food | How EFT for Weight Loss Can Help You Control Your Weight

EFT for weight loss works really well. Tapping is great for diet and weight control, helps you control your cravings and reach your target weight quickly and easily!

Because of the way EFT tapping works, you can totally reprogram your relationship with food, with yourself and with your body.

It doesn't have to be hard. Or involve starving or deprivation.

It starts with preventing your body going into famine mode.

​EFT for Weight Loss


What's famine mode?

You know how when you lose a lot of weight, you reach a plateau and can't lose any more?

Or when you've lost the weight you wanted to, you stop dieting ... and then put it all back on again - or more?

That's an indication that your body has decided the "diet" is in fact an old fashioned food shortage - a famine - and that it had better preserve any remaining resources (ie body fat) for as long as possible.

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Our bodies have evolved to deal with feasts and famines on a regular basis and it's only since comparatively recent times that food has been available in the developed world all the time.

When you diet, particularly when you crash diet, your body falls back on its evolutionary programming and switches into famine mode after a while. It preserves the resources it has, because famines tend to last.

Unfortunately, when you stop dieting and start "eating normally" again, your body, still in famine mode, then starts laying down extra resources in preparation for the next famine. This results in your body's metabolism slowing down, so that it needs fewer calories to maintain the weight loss you so painfully achieved! Bummer!

Your Weight "Set Point": The Answer to Famine Mode

Particularly if you've been yo-yo dieting for a while, your body has lost its set point.

So, what's a "set point" I hear you say.

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Your body has a natural weight at which both you and it are healthy and happy. If you've ever had one, you'll know what it is. You'll know, because you'll have spent some time at that weight as an adult. If you've never had one, it's a bit more complicated, but EFT tapping is an ideal tool to use to program it in.

Working with a qualified EFT practitioner (like myself, obviously!) can help you shed pounds and the reasons for gaining them in the first place. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting. Regain your health and wellbeing and get your eating under your own control.

EFT tapping can help you reduce cravings and give you the motivation to exercise and return to healthy fitness.

There are two ways you can work with me on this. Either you can book a skype or phone session with me using this Contact link.

Or you can purchase Effortless Weight Loss which you can find out more about here.

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