EFT for Dyslexia: Part 1

EFT for Dyslexia

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be described as a developmental state that interferes with the acquisition of written language. It is also a neurological condition in which the brain of the dyslexic shows distinct differences from “normal” children. Using EFT for dyslexia can be very useful in the management of this different way of learning.

Case Study: EFT for Dyslexia

“Tricia” (not her real name), came to me with dyslexia, which was interfering with her full enjoyment of life constantly - at college, work as well as in the family unit. Tricia was ready to try anything - including EFT!

Dyslexia is a difficulty with printed matter and interpretation of it. We decided to break it up into parts and deal with them separately.This article, Part 1, and the next one, Part 2, are condensed descriptions of the methods we used EFT for dyslexia in Tricia's particular case.

In the initial rounds, Tricia chose specific events involving being at school in maths and English classes.

Remember maths class? You get more marks from the working out than for getting the answer right. The step by step sequence of the working out can be a genuine problem for dyslexics, who are likely to take an “intuitive leap” to the answer and, in view of the fact that the “working out” is subliminal, they do not, if truth be told, appreciate how they got there. Although teachers understand about Dyslexia being about reading, they don't understand the intuitive leap portion of it. Children become more and more anxious the more they experience these situations that they cannot explain.

We therefore began with tackling what the teacher said to her:

“Even though miss said Tricia, you’re making this too complicated … and I have to agree with her … because even one step is too complicated! … “

The maths teacher had apparently been quite sympathetic to Tricia’s difficulties, unlike the English teacher, who had been, from Tricia’s point of view, thoroughly unpleasant.

“Even though sir took my work, screwed it up into a ball and threw it across the room …. “

“Even though that English descriptive piece was not complicated enough for sir …”

Given the nature of the concern, the subliminal jump part of it is very valuable in adult life. Having released all the unhelpful emotional charge, we then did a few rounds of tapping in gratitude for the positive aspects:

“Even though my teachers didn’t understand my intuitive leaps - and neither did I … I do now … “

“I really appreciate my subconscious for doing all the work for me”
“I’m so grateful that my subconscious is so clever … “

When I requested that Tricia tell me in what order she put her clothes on in the morning (a sequence generally difficult for dyslexics), she was able to do so easily. By the next week, Tricia was really excited that she and her brother had spent some quality time having fun - they had not argued once! This, together with being able to retain shopping lists and directions to new places was visibly improving her self esteem in surprising ways.

If you have Dyslexia and would like to try EFT tapping to help you manage it, visit the EFT pages on my website, contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation, or to make an appointment, wherever you are in the world.

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