EFT and Redundancy: How EFT Can Help With Finding a Job

With significant proportions of populations in the United States, Europe and across the world bearing the brunt of the economic downturn it’s important to emphasise that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is not just for physical conditions but can also help you cope with redundancy and with finding a job.

How can EFT – best known for its stress and pain relieving effects - help with finding work?

Being unemployed has three main parts: the past – ie, the loss of the job itself, how you felt about your job and how you felt about losing it; the present – how you feel about being unemployed, your family and your money; and the future – how you feel about your job search, the economy in general and how desperate you feel.

EFT is fast and effective at clearing out emotional baggage from the past. This is important work, because what you bring with you to your job search directly affects where you look, for how long, how you perform at interview and which jobs you apply for. With the job market as it is, it’s important to remain calm and upbeat about previous employers and this is difficult if you’re carrying resentment about being “cut back”. It will communicate through your voice on telephone calls and at interview through body language and tone. EFT can help clear out all that history, reducing anger, tension, resentment, anxiety, unhappiness and the blow to your self esteem.

Directed at the present, EFT can help build motivation, positively channelling all that emotional energy into your job search – imagine if you were able to switch your focus from the past and how incredibly badly you were treated by your ex-employer into the present, networking, making phone calls, writing application letters and a really attractive CV (Resume) to sell yourself to prospective employers. EFT is not just for the negative. We use it to “tap in” the positive too.

As to the future, EFT can help support you through being open to new opportunities as they arise – there is a part of the brain known as the reticular activating system whose function includes being on the alert for particular events and actions going on around you. When defeat sets in, that’s what your reticular activating system looks for, but you can retrain it to be alert to positive opportunities arising around you. By “tapping in” an openness to noticing even the quietest opportunities, you can find that you notice more useful people, places and job openings that you may have skipped over before. You may also find you have more energy to keep going.

EFT can also help you prepare for interview through reducing anxiety, helping you to practice appropriate question and answers and to do the research necessary to impress a prospective employer.

By using EFT in this way, you can give yourself a major advantage in finding a new position.

You can try out EFT tapping for yourself.