Dyslexia Symptoms: EFT for Developmental Dyslexia: Part 2 : EFT Tapping Script

Dyslexia Symptoms: Sequencing

Last month we looked at what developmental Dyslexia actually is - a physical developmental issue with observable differences in the brain.  This month, we're going to look at one of the dyslexia symptoms that come up commonly: sequencing.  Whether you're dyslexic or not, you probably know that dyslexics have problems with sets of instructions more than 3 steps long.  They become confused, which may be a side product of their very useful mathematical knack of intuitive leaps.  The dyslexic mind jumps from the problem to the solution subconsciously, so they're not too hot on doing things step by step.  There are studies on this, so if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll let you know how to find them on the net.

EFT and Dyslexia Symptoms Case Study - Specific Events

This month, we're going to take a look at the second session in the Dyslexia case study.  In this session the client focused on two specific incidents involving two teachers at school.

The client was a young woman in her 20s who was diagnosed with Dyslexia after she left school.

This incident will be familiar to many dyslexics - a maths class where she was not being given the marks for correct answers, because she couldn't explain the method she used to arrive at them.  "Intuitive leap" was not an acceptable method at school.

As a result, the client had constructed an elaborate method for arriving at an incorrect answer to any given mathematical problem.

So, in essence, she was being given good marks for arriving at the wrong answer.  When she got the answer right, she got zero marks.

No wonder she was confused!

Tapping Script

This script is based on the EFT shortcut method - you can find a video demonstration of how to tap in this post.

Here's a - very global - EFT script you can try if you've had similar experiences:

First take a SUDS level* from 0-10 on any incident in school when you had an issue with a teacher about the working out of a maths problem.

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Setup:  "Even though I get more credit for being wrong than for being right, I deeply and completely love and accept myself"  - Say that three times while tapping on the Karate Chop point

EB: I get more credit for being wrong

SE: I get no credit for being right

UE: And it's so frustrating

UN: I feel so angry and confused

CH: This anger and confusion

CB: This anger and confusion

UA: And I feel so upset

TH: Other people get credit for being right

EB: And I have to be wrong!

SE: I have to be wrong to be right!

UE: That's just not right

UN: It's wrong to be right for being wrong

CB: And confusing

UA: And I hate it!

TH: I want to be accepted for being right, not wrong!

EB: But I'm not at school now

SE: I'm my own boss

UE: I wonder if I can accept myself now for being right ...

UN: ... and having the right answer MY WAY ...

CB: Letting go of all those old teachers

UA: Letting go of the emotions connected to those teachers

TH: Letting go of the need to please my teachers by being wrong

EB: Letting all of those teachers and their emotions go right down to zero

SE: Just like the marks they gave me for being right

UE: I CHOOSE to be accepted for being right

UN: I CHOOSE to have answers that work for me

CH: I CHOOSE to accept myself as I am

CB: And do things my way

CB: Because my way works for me

UA: And it's who I am!

TH: I choose to be who I am and enjoy it!


Now take a long slow breath ... hold it ... and let it go.

Take another SUDS level*.  If it hasn't gone down to below 3, try the tapping round again until it has.

If this looks like a fit for you, contact me using the link at the top right of this page - if I can't help you, I'd be glad to find one of my contacts who can.

Let me know how you got on in the comments below.

*A SUDS level is a method of measuring your personal discomfort on a scale of 0-10.  0 is absolutely fine, while 10 feeling the most frustrated/angry/frightened/other emotion you can imagine.

This post was updated on 15th February 2017

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