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My Approach

I approach my clients from the basis that we are all products of our experiences and emotions.  Which means that how we deal with life challenges in the present often depends on the kinds of challenges we experienced in the past.  For example, if you had a happy childhood with strong, supportive relationships and a reasonable standard of living, losing everything through a market crash can be difficult to deal with.  You have no experience of that particular situation to fall back on.  If, however, your family has been through tough financial times before, you know how to tighten your belt, get stuck in and rebuild.However, a previous experience of tough financial times can bring its own challenges.  When the economy changes suddenly, that long ago fear and uncertainty can be triggered in ways that affect the present.

​Two people, experiencing exactly the same scenario can have two totally different challenges in relation to it.  One has a "how do I cope with this totally new experience" challenge, while the other has a "why does this keep happening to me and how can I make it stop" challenge.


I thought I would never be able to go into another tube station after that boy threw himself under that train. After EFT with you, I now just see it as a very bad movie and much prefer Saw! Thank you!

Victoria Cornhill,Magic Maths Tutor

Not all challenges are so overtly dramatic.  Many clients come in with a feeling of stuckness in a particular area of life, such as money, business, relationships, family, spirituality or some other area where they want to make progress but can't seem to get move on or develop in the way they want to.

Consultations With Fiona

Consultations with me are either by skype or phone and take about an hour per session and this ​how we work together.

Information I require from you

Your birth details, which I use to create a Four Pillars Chart, based on Chinese Metaphysics.  This helps me to pinpoint any blocks, significant tendencies and/or health highlights that may have been affecting your entire life, so that we can clear them.

What it is that's troubling you, so that we can work together to pinpoint where it comes from, clear it and then replace it with a more positive outlook and open you up to embody more personal power.

A commitment to the process. ​You understand that this process involves teamwork.  When you really want to get past your blocks, you'll do the work.

Your signature on a disclaimer.  Read it fully.  If you agree to my terms, sign and return it.

What you get from me

An overview of your life and anything highlighted from your Four Pillars Chart.  This is for two reasons: first, to check that the chart is accurate and; second, to give us a starting point to explore ​together.

Pinpointing your emotionally charged earlier experiences that may be affecting how you want to move forward now.  Using EFT Tapping, we'll ​ release the emotional charge together, open up to more positive choices and create the mental/emotional space for you to grow ​happier and more confident

Nutritional suggestions.  As you process the changes, it's useful to nourish yourself.  I may give you some suggestions on how to improve your nutrition.

Suggestions about movement.  It helps to keep moving - if you're not a particularly active person, I may suggest some gentle movement that could help.  Nothing too strenuous - a bit of yoga, tai chi or stretching to help support the process.

Feng Shui adjustments.  It's possible that something in your home or its environment is detrimental to your moving forward.  We can discuss this and arrange a Feng Shui consult as part of your package.

Distance Reiki.  Ever had Reiki?  It's relaxing at the very least.  If you're having trouble sleeping, it can give you a good night's sleep.  We'll arrange a time convenient for both of us for a full body distance Reiki treatment - none of your "20 minute whole body blast", but a full body, as-if-we-were-in-the-same-space 50 minute plus treatment, which, as a side effect, may give me an idea of where your energy may be blocked.  Sound fun? (No, I don't do "distance attunements", so don't ask).


Package 1: Single Session - EFT only. Use this to try me out with something minor.  It may be that we're a good fit ... or not.  In which case, I might suggest someone else who might be ​more your style. That's ok and is aimed at finding someone you're comfortable with. Contact me using the form below.

Package 2: ​​Three  Sessions - includes Four Pillar Chart, EFT Tapping, nutritional and movement suggestions, optional Feng Shui Consult, if appropriate. Use this package for specific issues, which may be related to a larger whole.  For example, supporting an equitable division of money and assets during a divorce (not the whole divorce circumstances - see Package 3 and 4 below for that); getting past a frightening diagnosis, so that you can think clearly again and research your options; house move - reducing overwhealm, supporting organisation and generally being calm, clear ​and centred during the whole process. Contact me using the form below.

Package 3 - Five Sessions. Includes Four Pillar Chart, EFT Tapping consultations by skype or phone, Feng Shui Consultation, nutritional suggestions if applicable, movement suggestions if applicable, one Distance Reiki treatment if required. Contact me using the form below.

Package 4 - Ten Sessions.  This is for chronic or long term issues, like divorce, scary diagnoses, career/money issues, major changes etc.  This package includes everything: EFT Tapping, Four Pillar chart, Feng Shui consult, 2 Distant Reiki treatments, nourishment advice including suggestions for herbs you might try, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies and/or anything else ​we agree might support your process.  Contact me using the form below.

Generally, when you are experiencing a challenging time you will need at least 3 sessions, quite possibly more. You know how much you're suffering and, although we all want a magic bullet, these things can take time.  It took a while to get where you are and it will probably take three sessions or more to clear it fully, open up a new perspective and move on.

During our time together, we will gently but effectively explore the reasons for your challenge, clear the specific events that gave rise to them and, using the tools I have available, help you to open up a new life path.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?


Fiona is a very experienced and insightful EFT Practitioner who brings about profound change. Her sessions facilitate deep shifts and are light at the same time as Fiona has a good sense of humour. I can recommend her highly.

Ulrike Klöffel,Research & Delivery - Executive Search

If you feel ​drawn to working with me, please use one of the two methods below to arrange an appointment and fee for your first consultation.

By phone

You can call me on 078100 20873 (no sales calls please) or you can contact me using the form opposite

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