Reiki Meditation | Why Reiki Shares?

Reiki MeditationYou may think of Reiki as a separate part of your practice from meditation, however the act of “doing Reiki” is in and of itself a meditation – a Reiki Meditation.Stay with me and think about this.  When we first learn Reiki, how do we experience it?  In a class we share Reiki in … Read more

Reiki as a Spiritual Path

Reiki as a Spiritual Path For many years now, we’ve seen the spiritual aspect of Reiki kind of sidelined in favour of robust study-able aspects.  You know the things I mean – Reiki increases relaxation, reduces anxiety, helps wellbeing and so on.  All those things are measurable, as are things like the effect on the … Read more

Overcome Fear With Reiki

There is so much going on in the world right now – the economy, protests and riots both at home and abroad, pollution, global warming, the list is endless. More personally, people are afraid of crime, violence, shootings – it can seem that no one is safe. Reiki can help you move past your fear into freedom of choice.

Byosen – picking up stuff from clients

I’m always surprised when a practitioner describes experiencing a byosen but doesn’t know what it is. Byosen: Reiki Communicating with the Practitioner Byosen is Reiki communicating with the practitioner. Generally experienced as a feeling in the hands – throbbing, pain, sensation of movement or whatever – if one happens to be particularly sensitive, byosen can … Read more

Is Reiki Demonic?

Google Searches for “Is Reiki Demonic?” There are a lot of people out there searching on the term “is Reiki demonic?” and if you’re one of them, please read on. The quick and simple answer is: no, Reiki is not demonic. In order to answer the question in a more expansive way, it’s first necessary … Read more

Reiki goes mainstream

Reiki and the Mainstream Reiki is moving mainstream these days – the latest published peer reviewed research indicating Reiki is effective for people recovering from heart attacks can be found here: Effects of Reiki on Autonomic Activity Early After Acute Coronary Syndrome. Clearly we’re living in a transition period as Reiki goes mainstream – it’s … Read more