How To Stop Upper Back Pain | How to Treat Upper Back Pain

How to Stop Upper Back PainAs many as 80% of people in the western world suffer from chronic back pain.  In this video and post you’ll discover how to stop upper back pain in its tracks quickly and easily. Yes, it certainly is weird looking, this tapping thing.  But the results can be remarkable and the … Read more

EFT Research: Pain Relief

EFT Research: Pain Relief EFT tapping is one of those things that no one believes in because it seems deceptively simple – and as practitioners we all make astonishing claims for its efficacy! A selection of published peer reviewed scientific research articles on the effectiveness of EFT can be found here. The list is not … Read more

EFT and Physical Issues

In EFT we are accessing the energy of the body in order to bring about physical and emotional changes. Energy medicine – of any kind – has a physical effect. Think about it: What is the “big bang” that physicists tell us created the universe, other than an explosion of energy, resulting finally in space … Read more


EFT for Clearing Clutter We all have clutter. Whether it’s a drawer, a room, a garage or an attic, we all have varying amounts of stuff we don’t need, don’t use or don’t want stored in our homes somewhere.  Every year there seems to be more of it, as if it is breeding in dark … Read more

Fear Erased Without Drugs

I was so excited to read this article this week in Nature magazine: Fear Memories Erased Without Drugs – reported widely in mainstream media including here and here – for several reasons: Energy Flow Researchers at New York University measured the fear response through taking readings of “skin conductance” before and after volunteers were exposed … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain From Stress – Part 2

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain from Stress Without MedicationIf you’re at your wits’ end and wondering how to get rid of neck pain from stress, you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll learn how a weird looking tapping process can release stress, reduce pain and improve your wellbeing in ways you … Read more

How To Relieve Stress Back Pain [VIDEO]

Back pain from stress is an increasing issue for many people. It’s invisible much of the time and is often dismissed by friends and employers as an excuse. In this video Fiona demonstrates how to relieve stress back pain and how to get rid of neck pain from stress.