Byosen – picking up stuff from clients

I’m always surprised when a practitioner describes experiencing a byosen but doesn’t know what it is.

Byosen: Reiki Communicating with the Practitioner

Byosen is Reiki communicating with the practitioner. Generally experienced as a feeling in the hands – throbbing, pain, sensation of movement or whatever – if one happens to be particularly sensitive, byosen can be experienced fully by the practitioner. By this, I mean that it can be a body sensation, indistinguishable for the practitioner from their own body/mind. This is often interpreted as “picking up stuff” from the client, but is in fact simply Reiki communicating with – shouting at, almost – the practitioner. It’s not unusual. It’s not dangerous. It’s simply communication.

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In Japan the ability to experience byosen is a prerequisite to 2nd Degree. If the practitioner is still “doing Reiki by the numbers”, they are not considered advanced enough to go on to Second Degree.

So how do you stop the feedback taking over your life? Simple, really, like everything in Reiki: full body byosen is an imbalance in the system. Reiki balances the system. Daily self treatment is the answer.

In addition, at the beginning of every treatment – either for self or for a client – as one centres oneself to be fully present with the client, it might be useful to focus on the hands. If, during the treatment, the feedback reaches as far as the elbows, you can take one hand off at a time and shake it. This is not to shake anything off, just to communicate to Reiki that you have received the message and wish communication with the hands only. This is really more for the practitioner than for Reiki – Reiki knows.

Full body byosen can be scary if it it’s unexpected. But Reiki can do no harm, only good.

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