What is your business? Who do you want to become?


What is your business?

When you think about what you do for a living, do you think about it as a job? Or a business?

It doesn't really matter whether you are someone's employee or in business for yourself, what you believe about what you do for a living is how you are perceived by your customers or colleagues.

That may seem a little harsh, but let's take a closer look at it:

A Disney executive noticed that little girls came to their live shows dressed as princesses.  No child came dressed as the Wicked Stepmother or the Ugly Sisters.  Nor did they come dressed as the palace servants or soldiers.

They came as what they wanted to become: princesses.

Disney provided them with the experience of being a princess.

And what did that say about those little girls' carers?  In relation to their little princesses, were those carers servants?  Or kings and queens?

In terms of who your customers what to become, where are you in this scenario?  Servant? Or crowned head?

Servant or Monarch?

To take this analogy a little further, let's think about what the ruler of a kingdom does:

  • They have the power to transform lives, either positively or negatively
  • They have an overview of the kingdom and provide guidance to everyone in their kingdom based on that overview and their vision for the future
  • They think not only of themselves and what they can get, but also of the benefits to everyone involved
  • They take responsibility for their mistakes and share the credit for their successes
  • They teach and learn in pretty much equal measure, sharing their knowledge and experience freely  in return for value

What does a servant do?

  • They have a closely defined job description
  • They have a defined salary, which they get paid whether they do their job well or badly
  • They are at the mercy of their employers
  • They feel helpless and powerless in relation to in the wider economy
  • They often feel unappreciated and either unhappy or resentful (or both!)
Photo from 9gag.com. Disney giving their customers the full "princess" treatment.



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Which Would You Rather Be?

I know which I would rather be.  And it really is a choice - I can see what I do as a job or as a business.

If what you do is a business then you need to plan your life, to create a vision for the future.

You need to understand how and why you can enable your customers to become who they want to be, encourage them, guide them, celebrate their transformation and only deal with those people who really want what you have to offer.

You need to give value in return for value.

Your plan must include:

  • A definition of your ideal customer
  • A clear vision of the experience you provide and the value of it
  • An income goal over six months, a year and 5 years
  • A marketing plan
  • An understanding of who you are in relation to your customers
  • Strong boundaries - the ability and a willingness to say "no" as well as "yes"
  • A network of like minded friends/colleagues to bounce ideas off, provide support and who are as enthusiastic as you are

Terrifying?  Well, yes, if you've always seen yourself as a servant, rather than a ruler.

Obviously, I use EFT tapping to help me to transform myself into who I want to be.

It's time for you to change your view of who you are, so that you can support your customers in their own transformation into who they want to be.

Make a plan.  Write it down.  Put it where you can see it.  You can start by downloading this pdf template to give you a place to start thinking about your business.

By the way, if you think it's impossible to become a king or a queen in your line of business, think about Margaret Thatcher, a grocer's daughter who became the British Prime Minister; Kate Middleton, an entrepreneur's daughter who will one day become Queen of Great Britain and the United Kingdom; Joan of Arc, a peasant who went on to lead a nation; Helen Keller, a deaf/blind mute, who changed the world for all deaf and blind people.

The list goes on.

Of course, they were absolutely determined.  But so are you.  All you need is a little help and a place to start - you can download this pdf template to begin your transformation now.

When you've used the template, let others know how it went by leaving a comment below.

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