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The Reason You’re Stuck – And What You Can Do About It Today | Plan Your Life

The Reason You’re Stuck – And What To do About It Today!You’ve seen how other people just seem to stumble across great ideas, opportunities, jobs, relationships, spiritual tools and career boosts. Maybe you’ve envied them their “luck”. Do you think that’s just for other people and not for you? Here’s one simple tip – something […]

EFT Tapping Recognised as “Evidence Based Therapy” For a Range of Issues

EFT Tapping Accepted as an “Evidence Based Therapy” EFT Tapping: Evidence Based Therapy How cool is this? EFT tapping has now been recognised in the American Psychological Association (APA)  Journal Review of General Psychology as an “Evidence Based” therapy. American Psychological Association The following statement is to appear in the APA (American Psychological Association) Journal Review […]