The Law of Attraction for Women

The Law of Attraction sometimes gets a bad rep - you can't get what you want simply by wishing for it.  Just as well really - how many times have you started a sentence with "I wish you would just .... ".  

​Your Life - Your Way

​The Law of Attraction is certainly part imagination, but also part personal growth and ​​taking guided positive action.

​Your imagination​ can be your best tool.  Instead of letting it run wild, focus it on what you want

​Personal growth, focusing on clearing out emotional clutter to make room for - and to  attract! - the life and happiness you deserve

​Taking action - guided action - is the follow through you need in order to manifest the desired outcomes of the Law of Attraction in your life

​Some Law of Attraction Articles

​Law of Attraction: Tools That Work
21 Day Intensive

​Lets take the Law of Attraction journey together - 21 days of clearing out the historical emotional clutter and belief structures that prevent you from experiencing the life you deserve.  

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​When You Work Hard, Do Your Best ... And Get Nowhere, You And The Law Of Attraction Can Make The Difference

The Law of Attraction is a way of life, not a wish fulfillment genie.

Have you ever noticed that, as women, we still have to work twice as hard for a lower salary to get half as far? 

Of course you have - even after the sexual revolution, things still haven't changed much.  We're still holding down important jobs, shouldering most of the responsibility for the home ... and it's all being taken for granted by the culture, society, the media and ... us!

An Epidemic Of Anxiety In The Young

Young people - particularly young women - are suffering an epidemic of anxiety, with one in five young people reporting high levels of anxiety.

As parents, caregivers, business owners, managers or young people ourselves, the world can seem a place where we have no control whatsoever, with housing, jobs and social lives becoming more and more of an obstacle course to be navigated, rather than an unfolding of our authentic selves.

Enter The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is working all the time.  The trouble is, we all have such negative thought structures that what we experience reinforces the media's outlook on life, our parents' financial struggles and the unfavoured-ness of our family of birth. 

What would your life be like if you believed you were popular, successful, rich - and the Universe was conspiring for you, rather than against you?

You know what?  It can ... and, as the Buddhists say: "All you have to do is change your mind".

Ha!  Easier said than done, isn't it.

What If You Could Change Your Mind?

If you had a magic wand that you could wave to change your mind about life and suddenly find that your belief system was one where you were truly favoured by the Universe ... and showed that to you every day ... That would be cool, wouldn't it.

Well, I've done it.  The tapes in my head are now mostly "everything is always turning out well for me", and"I like [list of things I like, from waking up re-energized to unexpected positive experiences]".

The Repetitive Tapes In Your Mind

We all have them - our parents' voices, mean teachers, ex boyfriends and partners.  But you don't have to live that way forever.  My experience and teaching is that all that historical clutter can be cleared away, to make room for a new internal narrative that transforms life into one you want to embrace and follow for the rest of your life. 

You Can Choose It

It takes focus, gentle inner reminders and a determination to be happy.  What it takes is a structure to follow, a set of tools to use ... and a desire to be who you truly are, rather than letting others define you. 

It's taken me years.  But I've distilled all of it into a method you can follow to transform your life. 

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Looking forward to getting to know you better.

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