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Be the Energy You W​ant to Attract

​Be the energy you want to attract.  Simple, huh?  Just get into the vibe of being rich - and then you'll be rich, right?

Until the credit card bill comes in ... and then you're brought down to earth with a bump.

And the extra emergency expenses.

​The vibe you're giving off is often met by the world with the opposite of what you want!

So how can you be the energy, ​when you're not actually being the energy?

If acting as if you're rich tends to bring more credit card debt and less money ... what's the answer?

In a previous post, I've outlined how the Law of Attraction works - how we're pulling in two opposite directions at the same time over anything we care about. 

Think about it: the reason we care about something is because we feel a lack somewhere.  The lack we feel around it is the reason we care about it.

  • ​When we feel broke, we want more money
  • ​When we feel lonely, we want more friends
  • ​When we're unhappy at work, we want to find a new job

So if we hate our boss, but make the effort to be super friendly and nice, while hating his guts underneath ... is our boss going to be anything other than uncomfortable and defensive in that situation? 

We're not "being the energy".  On the contrary, we're being false - lying to our boss and attempting to lie to ourselves. 

Have you ever had this happen to you? 

You find another job, where you think the whole ambiance is different to the one you left ... only to find, after a short time, that your current job has pretty much the same effect on you that the last one did? 

What's the answer? How do you be the energy?

How can we, while unhappy at work, begin to appreciate enough about it to attract a better situation?

How can we "be the energy" at the same time as being unhappy?

We can't.  We have to shift the balance

Shifting the Balance

Well, by now you know me well enough to guess what​'s next ... 

​To share how you "be the energy" leave a comment below.