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Reiki and Dementia Dreaming

Reiki and Dementia As a healer it’s very hard to watch someone you love grow weaker and more demented every time you see them, knowing there is nothing you can do to make them better.  It’s hard for anyone, healer or not: the helplessness watching a beloved elder relative, who used to seem so strong […]

EFT Case Study: “I Just Want Three More Clients”

​EFT Case Study | Personal Trainer​”I Just Want Three More Clients” ​EFT Case Study: Personal TrainerThis EFT case study addresses a recurring theme in women who work, whether it’s running their own business or some kind of employment: they experience their work as secondary to something or someone else.  They often feel they need to […]

Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Be the Energy You W​ant to Attract ​Be the energy you want to attract.  Simple, huh?  Just get into the vibe of being rich – and then you’ll be rich, right?Until the credit card bill comes in … and then you’re brought down to earth with a bump.And the extra emergency expenses.​The vibe you’re giving […]

Strict Paleo: Breaking the Rules

​Strict Paleo: Breaking the Rules ​Strict Paleo Rules: OK – Except When It Doesn’tObsessive rule following is not my thing, as anyone who knows me personally would tell you.   This blog post outlines where the rules of strict paleo can be bent … and where you should probably stick to the rules.Strict Paleo: What is […]

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