What is Feng Shui?

In ancient times, the Chinese noted that people’s experience of life changed over time. By observation and experimentation over generations, they deduced that the explanation lay in unseen forces moving in cycles. Through these observations and experiments they also discovered that these cycles were predictable and could be manipulated.

What is EFT?

EFT – or Emotional Freedom Techniques – is a method designed to release negative emotional charges from the body. One of the ways we learn so quickly and so well is based on our body’s ability to associate memories with physical sensations. EFT involves tapping gently on certain places on the face, upper body and hands, while thinking about specific events where the emotion has, for whatever reason, not been expressed fully.

EFT for Weight Loss

Totally Reprogram Your Relationship With Food | How EFT for Weight Loss Can Help You Control Your WeightEFT for weight loss works really well. Tapping is great for diet and weight control, helps you control your cravings and reach your target weight quickly and easily! Because of the way EFT tapping works, you can totally reprogram your … Read more

Byosen – picking up stuff from clients

I’m always surprised when a practitioner describes experiencing a byosen but doesn’t know what it is. Byosen: Reiki Communicating with the Practitioner Byosen is Reiki communicating with the practitioner. Generally experienced as a feeling in the hands – throbbing, pain, sensation of movement or whatever – if one happens to be particularly sensitive, byosen can … Read more

Is Reiki Demonic?

Google Searches for “Is Reiki Demonic?” There are a lot of people out there searching on the term “is Reiki demonic?” and if you’re one of them, please read on. The quick and simple answer is: no, Reiki is not demonic. In order to answer the question in a more expansive way, it’s first necessary … Read more