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Vision Board 2018


How 3 Cats and 2 fish showed me the power of focusing on what I wanted the most

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It caught my eye: a piece of artwork depicting one big cat and two smaller ones flying about in a starry night sky over water, under the surface of which two fish swam in opposite directions.  I loved that piece immediately, took it home and straight away hung it on my wall.

Over that first year, I found my gaze drifting to that artwork whenever I was meditating or EFT tapping, thinking or searching for the right word or phrase for a blog post.  Everyone who saw it remarked on it – it was such a fun piece, with bright colours and eye catching composition.

At the end of the year, guess what I – finally! – noticed …

Yup, I’d acquired 3 delightful cats – one big one and two smaller ones.

And the fish?  Not real ones.  No.  But, unfortunately, it became obvious by that Christmas that there had been something fishy going on in my extended family, hidden from sight under the surface.  That bit wasn’t so good, by the way.

But when I finally noticed the similarity between my favourite print and what was going on in my life, it really brought home to me the power of focusing on an image, even when I no intention of bringing it into my life.

Vision Board: How to Construct Your Plan for the Year

I was never particularly arty. It may be that you enjoy the whole cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them on to large pieces of cardboard.  I tend to get the glue everywhere and the arrangement is never something I’m happy with – it all seems so random and untidy, like apostrophes in the wrong place.

What I wanted was some kind of structure on which to hang my images, important words and affirmations in a way that made sense and didn’t end up more distracting than helpful.

So I chose the Feng Shui Bagua as a template for my vision board – it has a pleasing flow, includes every area of life, and manifests in a pattern I know and feel comfortable using.  Watch the video below for the first part of your journey around the Bagua as a basis for creating your own personalised vision board.

You can find a download link below for a free Bagua you can use as a starting point for your own vision board.

​How to Make a Vision Board with the Feng Shui Bagua 2018: Part 1: The Journey

Click here to download your copy of the Bagua

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Emotional Abuse | Gaslighting | Family Gaslighting Example

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