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About Fiona McCallion 
Health and Personal Development Coach

Fiona McCallion's Personal Story

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to sail through crises when others crumple under the slightest pressure?

​I used to think: why do these terrible things keep happening to me? 

  • Horrible childhood accident which left physical scarring? Check
  • "Interesting" relationship with my parents? Check
  • Messy divorce? Check
  • Even worse relationship after that? Check
  • Raising three children as a single parent? Check
  • Scary diagnosis? Check.  Twice.

Fiona McCallion's Purpose

​Well, I can't really say I sailed through these and other traumas.  But I did learn from them.  And so it became clear that their purpose was so that I could help you

A positive outlook, a healthy diet, movement, stress relief tools and a deep belief that - even in the scariest times - everything will turn out for the best.  These are the things I learned, put into practice and have distilled into a five step process that supported me through my own traumas and can help you through yours.

I am a Health and Personal Development Coach of 20 years, with a ton of certificates and experience ... and I love people. Particularly people with challenging health issues or stressful life transitions they need to rise above and put into perspective.

The Client Process

My five step process addresses: nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, stress management and ​gentle movement.  In today's fast paced world, many areas of life are affected in difficult times and it's important to support the whole person, not just the part that's hurting physically or emotionally. 

  • You need energy to move through difficult times and come out the other side, which is provided by healthy nutrition, gentle movement and stress relief. 
  • Focus and the ability to make positive choices when your life seems like it's falling apart can be provided by mindset and lifestyle changes as well as stress relief
  • The ability to "keep on keeping on" requires a mindset adjustment, particularly when all you want to do is give up
  • Gentle movement such as stretching, yoga and Tai Chi can all help release tension and stress under pressure
  • Everyone can benefit from adjustments to lifestyle whether in crisis or not

If you would like to experience how a supportive and caring coach can help you through challenging times, there are three ways to do it:

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My Credentials

BA (Hons) - First Class Honours Degree from Edinburgh Napier University

Advanced EFT Practitioner - AAMET Certificated

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

Seichem Master/Teacher

7 Facet Seichim Master/Teacher​

Flying Stars Feng Shui Advanced Practitioner - Feng Shui Research Center


Emotional Freedom Techniques for Dyslexia: A Case Study, Nov 2012, Energy Psychology Journal

Symbols of Reiki: 15 Ways to Use the Reiki Symbols to Transform Your Life

Reiki and Reiki Ryoho 1: Western and Japanese Usui Reiki 1 Manual

5 Element Energy Coherence Workbook

Money Matters: Program Yourself to Make More Money

Frederick Jackson

Fiona's sensitivity and devotion to others ...

”Experience is irreplaceable and often without measure..It is this of which Fiona has a great deal.Her sensitivity,devotion to others plays well in support of those who seek her services..Her reach is global and her reputation as a resource to improves one life needs never to be questioned for it is directly from Source Energy..It doesn't get any better than that..”

Emma Cofton

Fiona's intuition and perceptiveness ...

“It is obvious that Fiona's experience of different practices and her intuition and perceptiveness makes her a very skilled practitioner ....”