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Fiona McCallion

Fiona McCallion

Health and Personal Development Coach

Want to make some changes?  Kinda, sorta know what they are, but don't know how to start or where they might take you? Or maybe you do know, but are hesitant about taking the plunge ...

What Can Health and Personal Development Do For You?

People have challenges, some lifelong, some specific to time and place.
I help people to release their stress, re-orientate their perspective and find an approach that works for them.

Personal development - life changes


I can help you focus on what you want, release negative thought patterns that keep getting in your way and open a path of least resistance, bringing you to confidence and ease  in your choices.


There's nothing quite so challenging as changes in health, whether it comes in the form of a chronic condition or an acute one. 

Health coaching can support you in your choices, help you align with positive outcomes and bring you to an emotional space of optimism, peace and clarity.

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When you know what you want, but can't seem to find your way to it, Personal Development coaching can help you reduce resistance - or eliminate it altogether! - increase confidence and clarity, and support you to your most desired outcomes.


I am a Health and Personal Development Coach of 20 years, with a ton of certificates and experience ... and I love people. Particularly people with challenging health issues or life transitions they need to rise above and put into perspective.

Fiona McCallion

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Case Studies

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Fiona McCallion.
Has a vast amount of knowledge in her course subject matter, the delivery of the course I attended was both interactive and experiential which made the learning more fun along with allowing it to fix firmly within my subconscious mind, I have contacted Fiona as a follow up to this course on a couple of occasions, she gives her time and knowledge freely and with passion, her course manual is backed up by her excellent website. I highly recommend Fiona for her courses.

Terri Charles EFT Trainer - EFT Trainer & Energy Therapist at EFT Workshops 4U

Fiona 'tapped' for me regarding a very stressful situation at work which had me paralyzed, stuck and extremely frustrated. Now I feel better able to cope with it. I am able to keep moving, and doing what I need to. The best part is I am able to accept what is going on without immediately pushing it away. And I didn't have to 'do' anything! However, I did feel a major shift, as if my glasses had dropped from off the top of my head back onto my nose! The whole situation is clearer now, though I can't tell you exactly why. I am very careful in my recommendations, and I recommend Fiona without reservation

Marie Panesko - Results Oriented Marketing Professional, Traditional Usui Reiki Master

Fiona's help came just at the right time. All the things we talked about hit the nail on the head for me, very insightful. She provided really clear and useful advice [...] which also focused in detail on the plans I had for the future. I would say Fiona's session was one of the most practical interventions I've ever had when I've been making such life changing decisions because I felt she was able to immediately 'get a hold' on what it was I was trying to do, what would hold them back and what would help them instead. The information she gave made complete sense and I now have a clear view of what will be supportive for the future

Ruth Westnidge - Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Herbalist

I thought I would never be able to go into another tube station after that boy threw himself under that train. After EFT with you, I now just see it as a very bad movie and much prefer Saw! Thank you!

Victoria Cornhill - Magic Maths Tutor

Fiona is knowledgeable, good-humoured, strong and kind. She approaches her work with great sincerity and integrity, and she definitely produces good results. I would certainly recommend her.

Jason Handby - Owner, Corestar Ltd and Computer Software Consultant