Fiona McCallion

Supporting you through challenging times

Everyone needs a little support sometimes: divorce, bereavement, weight loss, traumatic jury service, frightening diagnoses, relocation or any one of a countless number of challenging life transitions. Change can be scary.

​Fiona McCallion Personal Development and Health Coach has over 20 years of practice in helping people through stressful experiences, whether those experiences are current or in the past, assisting people like you to find peace, happiness and freedom from fear once again.


A quick and convenient way to experience a short session with Fiona McCallion Personal Development. Each package is designed to address one specific issue (eg weight loss, back pain, menopause etc) and includes a listen anywhere mp3 file, workbook and "how to" video.

Online Courses

Six week online courses aimed at digging deeper, clearing fundamental blocks to health and wellbeing.

Each course includes video sessions, workbooks, listen anywhere mp3 audios and transcripts.

Personal Consultations

Everyone is different and experiences their issues from their own unique perspective.

If you feel you could benefit from individual consultations, click the button below to arrange an appointment.

Personal consultations are available by skype and phone worldwide.

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Fiona McCallion

Health and Personal Development Coach

About Fiona McCallion Personal Development and Health Coach

I am a Health and Personal Development Coach of 20 years, with a ton of certificates and experience ... and I love people. Particularly people with challenging health issues or stressful life transitions they need to rise above and put into perspective.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
One of the most practical interventions I've ever had

Fiona's help came just at the right time,[ ... ].  All the things we talked about hit the nail on the head for me, very insightful. She provided really clear and useful advice [ ... ] which also focused in detail on the plans I had for the future. I would say Fiona's session was one of the most practical interventions I've ever had [ ... ]

Ruth Westnidge

Barcelona, Spain

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Fiona brings about profound change

Fiona is a very experienced and insightful Practitioner who brings about profound change. Her sessions facilitate deep shifts and are light at the same time as Fiona has a good sense of humour. I can recommend her highly

Uli Kloffel

London, UK